Kuta Beach

Kuta Beach

Friday, 21 May 2010

Survivor Heroes vs Villains - Final Episode

This blog post contains Survivor spoilers.

It's been a great season, but the final five were Russell, Sandra, Jerri, Parvati, and Colby. Colby was the last Hero, and I definitely wanted him to do well, but in the immunity challenge he came short and lost against Parvati, so he was voted out. In the next immunity challenge, Russell won and initially thought about voting out Parvati. Instead everyone voted out Jerri. The three contestants in the final tribal council were Russell, Parvati, and Sandra.

Russell played a similar game to Samoa and the results were just the same. The jury hated him so much that they voted for the weak player instead, and the winner of Heroes vs Villains was Sandra. Sandra was very good at the end. The problem with Sandra is her poor performance in challenges, but whenever someone in the jury brought this topic up, Sandra very skillfully changed the subject and spoke about how she tried hard to get Russell out, so she capitalized on the jury's hatred for Russell very well. The fact that she was against Russell made her look very good.

At the reunion, Russell looked distraught. I felt really sorry for the man because he had worked so hard to win. He may have been a bully and he may have been very malicious, but if there's one positive I see in him it's the fact that he is honestly and obviously malicious. He is a true wolf, not a wolf in sheep's clothing. He is more like a street thug rather than a popular but secretly corrupt politician.

The next season is in Nicaragua. The previews look very ordinary. There seems to be no twists or innovations or gimmicks, but this may be a good thing as Survivor returns to its roots.

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