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Friday, 1 January 2010

Survivor Samoa

Warning: This post contains spoilers. Do not read if you haven't watched Survivor Samoa yet but plan to watch it later.

I have just finished watching Survivor Samoa. I watched on TV all the way up to episode seven, which was supposed to show last Tuesday, but on that day I had an appointment to go bowling and have dinner with friends, so I had to set the VCR to tape the show. Unfortunately, the VCR stuffed up and I was not able to watch it.

I went to the internet and tried hard to find where I could buy DVDs or at least watch the episode online. Unfortauntely I could find nothing! All the sites that allow you to watch Survivor episodes online do not let you watch the show from outside the US! That is so horrible! Being a Survivor addict, I was willing to pay money to watch the show but found that I could not.

Luckily for me, I was able to find Survivor Samoa on Youtube. I then spent heaps of time in my bedroom watching the rest of the season.

To summarize, a contestant named Natalie won. A player by the name of Russell was a very devious, conniving player who offended many people. At the end of the show the jury was so annoyed with Russell that they voted against him. It was clear that Russell was very angry at not winning and I later learned that Russell has many fans who believe that he should have won.

I do not understand how Russell and his fans can claim that he is the rightful winner. The fact that he didn't win proves that he didn't win (obviously). But what Russell and his fans claim is that he played better and that because of that he deserved to win. That is simply not true. Being a good Survivor player means you have to bring to the end contestants who you think the jury will not pick. I think Russell was crazy to bring Natalie along because she is clearly a very likeable girl. He should have brought Mick and Shambo along.

I have heard one of Russell's fans say that the jury did not show good sportsmanship in voting against Russell, but this makes no sense because nobody in his right might would think Russell displayed sportsmanship in the game. The fact that he calls female contestants "dumbass blond girls" and the fact that he sabotaged his own team by emptying their water bottles and burning socks disproves the idea that he displayed sportsmanship.

Anyway, Samoa was one of the best seasons of Survivor I have watched. I have only seen about 20 per cent of all Survivors so I am looking forward to finding other seasons either on DVD or online.

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