Kuta Beach

Kuta Beach

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Poor Earphones on $30 MP3 Player

I purchased a 2GB MP3 player from Overstock Outlet. I purchased a new MP3 player because the battery in my old one is starting to die out. I have noticed this because whenever I charge the player up to the max, the battery runs out with a normal day's use. When buying MP3 players, I think it is much better to get one that has an inbuilt rechargeable lithium-ion battery rather than one that is powered by AA or AAA batteries.

Like many products from Overstock Outlet, this product is very cheap. I have not tried the actual MP3 player, but in this post I want to complain about the earphones, which I think are very poor quality. The plastic coating around the earphone wire is too hard and after normal usage the plastic starts to tear (see image below). Note the image below depicts the new earphones attached to my old MP3 player.

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