Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Net Worth Report for June 2008

Age: 24

Cash: $155
Managed Funds: $22,852
Super Funds: $3,254
Car: $5,825
Kiva: $313

Net Worth: $32,399


My net worth dropped by 2.26 per cent from last month. In dollar terms my net worth decreased by $753. There has been poor share market performance all over the world and especially in Australia. Now that the financial year is over, it is revealed that this year that had just past has been the worst for the Australian share market since the mid '80s.

I am surprised that my super fund is able to get positive returns this month. When I logged in to check my super fund balance I noticed that some funds seem to have negative balances (e.g. -$20) and this got me worried about what sort of fee structure my super fund manager has imposed on me. I have sent an e-mail to them asking about what is going on.

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