Tuesday, 1 January 2008

How to Force Others to Give to Charity

Kris Kringle, also known as Secret Santa, was carried out in my workplace last Christmas. You are randomly assigned someone whom you give a $10 gift to. You put the recipient's name on the gift and then put it under a Christmas tree. The recipient gets the gift but doesn't know who gave it.

A friend of mine, a finance major, would often purchase junk $2 presents like cheap mugs. Then when he received a $10 gift he would sell it on Ebay and make $8 profit from the whole thing. He claims that the way to make sure everyone is happy is to buy a $2 gift that looks like it is expensive.

If you want to do something less morally reprehensible, I suggest that instead of buying a gift you buy something that gives to charity. For example, you can buy from Oxfam Shop, UNICEF Shop, or World Vision Smiles Gifts. Buying these things automatically gives a donation to charity while at the same time giving something to someone. Whatever you receive from your Kris Kringle, you simply sell it on Ebay and then donate the money to your favorite charity. This way you force other people to give to charity.

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