Sunday, 7 October 2007

Compulsory Euthanasia for Old People

In most developed country there is a problem with ageing population. The problem is that old people suck out lots of money from government funds. We have costs of health (e.g. Medicare) as well as pension costs. The problem is made even worse because developed countries tend to have lower fertility levels, which means less people work, which means lower tax revenue. Immigration can easily fix population decline but it is uncertain whether it has much effect on age distribution.

One solution that will defintely work is simple killing of old people. When an old person is, say, fifty, they will be required to die by taking a tablet. This of course would be very unpopular. Even young people may not agree to it because they would dread the thought of having to die once they grow old.

Another solution would be to take away welfare and let those who can't take care of themselves die. Once against this is very cruel and by bringing it up I am only playing devil's advocate. But many people argue that foreign aid should not be given because "we need to take care of ourselves first." So if people within a country can refuse assistance to those outside a country, why can't those who are capable of taking care of themselves refuse assistance to those who can't take care of themselves?


Anonymous said...

Old people absoloutely should be killed. I mean, it's horrible to see those ugly old coffin dodgers who're clearly desperately trying to outstay their worth on this planet just desperately clammering for more money to horde and keep for themselves. I honestly wouldn't care if I were to be killed off at say 50 (as long as everyone else did the same) just because humans should only be living to around 45-50 on average anyway.

Anonymous said...

what the f*** , you mean A**holes, i hope thats a joke, that wouldnt solve anything. just get the immigrants out and we will all be happy, and those so called old people have worked and paid tax to get their pensions dumb***. And the devils advocate, are you kidding with me, im only trying to do work at the moment and came across this, i think you should do a little research mate ;)