Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Howard Government's Internet Filter Very Good

When it comes to free protection from Internet nasties, I have always recommended people use K9 Web Protection. The Australian Government however has been promoting some other Internet filters. They provide three internet filters for anyone in Australia to download for free. If you don't want to waste bandwidth you can even have CDs sent to your home for free. The program I tried was Optenet Web Filter PC 9.6. It's like K9 but seems to have more features, such as the ability to set how many hours per week someone can use the Internet. By default the filter blocks nasties like pornography, violence, racism, and some other peculiar things like Anonymizers.

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Lea said...

I am pleased to hear you have found that filter helpful. I am trialling Safe-eyes for Mac that the government also supplies for free. Having trouble making it work properly and it is doing my head in. At first it even blocked my son's Lego site, and now it doesn't block anything at all.