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Saturday, 6 January 2007

My Friend Wants to Sleep with my Wife

This came from a friend of mine and I think it's quite bizarre:
My wife and I had dinner with my friend James and his wife last night at a sushi restaurant. James wants to have another child in his family. The problem is the cost. James is a rich man who earns lots of money, but so too does his wife. The fear is that if the wife takes time off work she will lose 9 months worth of wages, which comes to about $60,000.

James suggested to his wife that they adopt a baby instead. By adopting the wife doesn't have to take time off work and they save $60,000. They get a child either way. The only difference is if they adopt they save $60,000.

However, after his wife liked the idea, James changed his mind. He said he wanted to pass his genes to the next generation. I told him, "That's gonna cost you $60,000." He agreed and then had another idea. My wife is not like James's wife. My wife is a housewife who stays at home all the time. James said that he wants to sleep with my wife, impregnate her, and let her have the baby. That way his own wife can go to work and collect the $60,000 and after my wife goes through labor and pops out the baby, she will hand over the baby to James who will receive a baby with his own genes in it. Strangely, James's wife agreed, saying she didn't want to go through the pain of pregnancy and labor. James argued that my wife would be perfect because we already have two kids, so my wife has experience in pregnancy and labor.

My wife is a devout Christian and she totally rejected the idea. However, James offered my wife $20,000 if she went through with it. My wife hesitated and looked at me, wanting to know whether I approved of her sleeping with James.

James told us to think about it overnight and tell him later. The whole plan would save him $40,000 ($60,000 in wages minus $20,000 in costs). Plus I suspect that James has the hots for my wife. I fear that my wife my actually like James as well.

So what do you guys think? Should I let my wife be used to produced babies for $20,000? That money could really come in handy for my intended upgrade to a VE Calais.


Anonymous said...

Yeah! allow her to do it.

Anonymous said...

are you nuts? unless you are in some kind of money fix? And even if so - sience has made a lot of progress

You can medically inject your friend's sperm in to your wife & that way your friend can get to have his genes... and you can keep your wife to not sleep with someone else.

If you friend disagrees, all he cares about is the idea of sleeping with your wife...and paying 20,000 for that.

your call mate.

Anonymous said...

What the fuck is wrong with you? You say ur wife is a devoute christian yet she and you are actually considering this. Are you really that desperate for money Seriously, if your friends really want a child they would have one. The fact that they would rather save 60 000, money that they will eventually spend and be gone, than have a baby shows they are'nt ready for a child.

Anonymous said...

A human's life is priceless.Stop thinking about everything in terms of money.Your friend is an idiot.

Anonymous said...

Let her sleep with him, take the cash up front, but be sure that she is at a time of the month where she won't get pregnant. Then let him try again for another $20k. She already proved she's a whore, you might as well pimp her out for the big bucks.

Anonymous said...

uh--why doesn't she just get artificially inseminated with his sperm? what if your wife has an attachment to the baby? are they paying her $20,000 plus all the dr.s bills and expenses? either way--worst idea ever. totally exploiting you as friends

Anonymous said...

Idiots, the four of you! don't have a baby! pimp your wife for a new car? artificial insemination heard of it? you moron. As someone else put it so well; WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?! stop breeding and look at your morals.

Anonymous said...

and though your paying for the sleep over, the court wont see it that way, he is buying a baby, that "is" a class 1 major Felony. even suggesting or attempting it is a crime. Humans are not for sale, the money they would have paid to the adoption agency isn't "purchase price" but it would be in your case. Who did you say you were?

Sampson33 said...

I will pay you 10k to sleep with and impregnate ur wife.
I love the thought of impregnating another mans wife and would gladly pay maybe even a much as 15 k for this....Whata ya say??


Sampson33 said...

I would gladly pay you 10-15k to sleep with ur wife and impregnate her.
It's one of my biggest fantasies to impregnate another mans woman, and everyone's on board, lets do it!!

Regina Aletto said...

What happened??

Anonymous said...

I think it is a great idea. I would love a friend of mine to impregnate my wife. They would probably have to make love several times to make sure she was pregnant. Go for it it is a wonderful opportunity.

Anonymous said...

I have done it for a friend. His wife had 8 kids from me. He could not get her pregnant. It was a very enjoyable time for me and his wife. It was supposed to be 2 kids but she wanted 8. She loved it with me because I was 2 inches longer. That all she talked about was having a large family and she loved to have sex often.