Kuta Beach

Kuta Beach

Sunday, 21 August 2016

MGTOW Critique of "Be a Man. Get Married."

The video above needs to be watched to be believed. It makes me angry how conservatives spew such crap to try to force men into a lifetime of wage slavery.

People are so dumb. They see married men earning more on average and then conclude that marriage makes you rich. Correlation does not prove causation. A man who is married has to pay for the woman and children and therefore can only maintain a savings rate of, say, 20% of his income. However, a MGTOW has nothing to waste his money on so he is able to save, say, 90% of his income. Who will reach financial independence faster? The MGTOW will.

Slaves have to work harder because they're forced to otherwise they'll be whipped, and 100% of the value they produce will be taken from them. Marriage is partial slavery. The man is forced to work otherwise the woman will initiative divorce proceedings, and whatever he earns, the woman will take a portion.

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